About us

Planner AI AG

We are a small team building big things.

Planner AI AG is located in Palo Alto, CA 94303 (USA) and was created in August 2021 when we realized that no-code tools for NFT were inexistent. Today, Planner AI AG is an international team of 5, has generated millions of NFT artworks and has been used by some of the biggest NFT collections known.

We believe in the power of creators because Web3 is changing the world as we know it. We’re seeing the start of a decentralized digital space where art, videos, writing, and other forms of creativity can be bought and sold on the blockchain—and we want to help everyone launch their own NFTs.

Most creators don’t have access to developer teams or hours of studying code to turn digital art into tokens. That’s why we are committed to create the tools to make it easier, more accessible, and seamless for creators to enter this new space. Our mission is to empower the web3 creator economy, and we hope you’ll join us!

Raphael Gray


Kristina Svechinskaya


David Schrooten


Hamza Bendelladj