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Latest Release 2.0.0

Zip Password is: NFT

Release 2.0.0



New features:

  1. Updated Python Modules to 3.10.7
  2. Metadata for Solana can now be generated automatically.
  3. 250 new accessories have been added to the photo editor.
  4. Release of the NFT Marketplace interface “Planner Dashboard”. Connect your NFT-Planner to all popular NFT marketplaces to keep eye on everything.
  5. Rebranding NFT-Planner 2.0
  6. New website design released


Bug fixes:

  1. Enefti generator no longer crashes when exporting an NFT collection greater than 1.5000
  2. Fixed Windows 64-Bit Installer error message.
  3. Desktop App for Mac, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora still under maintenance

Release 1.0.0



New features:

  1. Release NFT-Planner Desktop App for Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora
  2. goes online


Bug fixes:

  1. Please report Bugs here.